I eventually got around to selecting the components that I wanted for being a $100 Prize Winner on the Test Instrumentation Project14 competition and once I had emailed the list to the correct place then they delivered very quickly.  Mostly just a collection of nuts, bolts, shrink tubing, solderless breadboards and similar just to make it easier to carry on making more robots and taking part in more Project14 Competitions. I also requested an Arduino Uno as I want to make a programmer for ATtiny85 devices so that I can make some low powered LED controllers. These were originally for Christmas, 2017! but I couldn't obtain a suitable programme. I didn't try all that hard but they are not readily available and I never saw one using a Nano, so an UNO it was.





For anyone thinking of having a go at a Project14 Competition I would encourage you to do so, it is good fun with the possibility of winning some useful components - you don't have to select nuts and bolts, although nuts and bolts are good.




PS If anyone thinks they might have seen this in the Merry Boxes and LEDs place, you're right. My mind used to be as sharp as a razor but now I'm old and grey it seems as sharp as a blunt stick. Still, I remembered in the end what competition it was.