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Project Elf House Complete!


I would like to submit my project for both The Holiday Special and Cool LED Display contests.


If I was lucky enough to win the 3D printer I would use it to produce the casing for my Reci-Pi, my submission for Design Challenges P chef design challenge. I would also use it to produce some light shades for future projects Im making using the bareconductive electric paint lamp kit. My aim is to paint an electrical circuit onto one of my walls that could be used to dim the Bareconductive LED light board.


The Sam STEAM kit will be donated to the local.. Very new Dorset Science and Technology Centre. I'm very honoured to be getting involved with the team/ one man band (Chris) and think it will be such a valuable asset for Science and Technology in Dorset. I'm very much looking forward to being involved in the future plans for robot wars and the proposed Makerspace at the centre. .



The idea for the elf house came about from discussing ideas with friends about a competition they had entered. They had been tasked to produce a Christmas decoration using a toilet roll tube. I was asked if I could add a single white LED to their project. The project being a little elf house.

Well, I decided we could do better than that! I liked the idea of having an Elf wave in the window but this developed to Spiderman as I know their son is a huge fan and its something we have in common.


In addition to this, the one thing that makes this project special to me is the exposure its given to their 11 year old daughter. She has witnessed a woman, learn to code from scratch and produce an exciting project.


Below are some attempts of the electrical schematics produced using Fritzing. Please forgive me of any mistakes- I am a complete novice.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy Project Elf House!