So, I have completed my DIY FLiP Connected X-Mas Ornament and displayed it on the old X-Mas tree.  It all seems to be working fine and I even added the option to dim certain colors.  Also, I created a case to house the FLiP, OLED and Bluetooth module and added some extra pieces to the case to give it a bit of a Steam Punk look.


Image of the board I put together for the Parallax FLiP circuit

Parallax FLiP, OLED, and Bluetooth modules connected to fron panel:

Parallax FLiP circuit and OLED connected to Front Panel


RGB Module connected to back of Ornament:

WS2812B RGB LED Module connected to Ornament


I created a case to house the Parallax FLiP, OLED and Bluetooth Module from clear Acrylic and Back Plastic and then painted it with  Metallic Oil Rubbed  Bronze looking paint.  The edge, face plate, and buckles are from the Jim Holtz idea-ology line of ornament pieces bought at a local Craft store. 

This is a vide of what it looks like up close:



So, when this is run.

1. I start Flask on the Raspberry Pie

2. Power on the FLiP circuit

3. Connect to the Flask web service from an iPad browser

4. Send commands to control the RGB LEDs.


The following Video show cases the whole thing working on a X-Mas tree.  But, as with any good demo, there were a couple of glitches. I hand held both the iPhone to video record as we as the iPad to send the commands so the video is a bit shaky at times.



That is pretty much it.  I could do more tweaking to the code on the FLiP and in Flask, but that those will be tasks for another project.