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Hello Guys!

Every year when Christmas arrives, I used to make my own version of 5 point star. I have a video tutorial on "Making of X-Mas Star" have a look and try it yourself. I 'm a little bored of doing the same thing every year, for change this time I made the  "RGB Christmas Star".

The Idea is controlling RGB led from a smartphone via Bluetooth. I had chooses small ARM controller (LPC810) from NXP because of less pins also its available in DIP package. To drive the LED 3 PWM signals from LPC810. BT module HC-05 is commonly available in the market, it establishes the communication between my smartphone and the MCU.

Hardware side nothing much, RGB LED is directly soldered to LPC810, and the other end 3.3v regulator I made to power the LPC810 and LED's.

And finally, this setup is sitting inside the Christmas Star with 5v USB power cable.

For mobile, I had created an android application for picking up the color and send the RGB values to MCU over blue-tooth. The MCU process the value and generate the PWM values according to the color selection.

Checkout the Working Video here! Happy Christmas!