Holiday Special 19

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This is my entry into the Holiday special! I was gifted a Plasma Speaker Tesla coil kit as part of an electronics advent calendar , which was designed like Wall-E with a new compartment to open up every couple of days! Look at the little cutey!!

Wall-E advent calendar


Looks even more adorable as an advent calendar than as an animation


So I then went about constructing the Plasma speaker and tested it out!


As you can hear I played out Mariah Carey's infamous All I Want for Christmas Is You. But to avoid copyright issues I quickly moved on to a different backing...


I am amazed that you can play all sorts of songs, Christmas and otherwise, from a Plasma Speaker and create an incredible light show! I would have it power a halogen Christmas star light but it gets super hot super quickly and the plasma could catch everything on fire pretty quickly as well, as demonstrated in the video below...



Anyway, if anybody would like me to play any specific songs or make any Christmassy adaptations, let me know in the comments and I'll see if I can do it and upload a new video/picture!!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year