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Ok, I want to use Facial Recognition for Smarthab front door entry. I will be using a Rasberry Pi and a Webcam as the basis of the project. So basically when you walk up to the front door the system will look at you take a frame or two and then if the face is in the Smarthab's Database will tell the door to open.


  • The first thing I will have to look at some open-source software and make a plan. In real life, the data would be checked with a Smarthab Db server.  But since time is short I will not use a remote Db, nor will it command the room controller to open the door.
  • I will have several faces stored on the system with only me being allowed entry, that's me.
  • Gather the stuff to do the project, most of which I have some ware.


The first thing I will do is to find which of my small factor CPUs will boot

  • Intel Atom, w/SATA drive
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Beegaleboard (white)
  • ROit SBC.

Let the fun begin!