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          I have been working on the field of robotics from 6 years now and always wanted to use the vision-based system for my robotics projects, using the ultrasonic sensor is a good idea to avoid a collision and distance measurement but it cannot recognize objects and board sign, which I want to use in my upcoming projects Beaglebone AI can be good option to make a vision-based systems to detect some objects to pick and place at a particular location and read the sign to move to the destination as required. This video shows the proper example of how this device can be used for vision application  kindly check it.



Things I would like to work on:-

Pick and place robot with a sign reading(for navigation)

Color sorting for Automation

Vision-based line follower

Robot Arm with Vision



My major project will be robotics-based because I work in a robotics company. I will share more information on the project status and development on this site.





Thank you,

Mukund N Baviskar