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I was excited today to be handed a small parcel by UPS just as I was going to Tescos to buy some shopping, thinking it would be the LDRs and stripboard I need to create the full 8x8 pixel LDR camera. Eventually I returned home from shopping and let some time pass before opening the parcel, to let the excitement grow. I then noticed that it was from Tariq and had a moments disappointment - as that meant that the parcel was not the LDRs and so I still could not progress the LDR camera. But then I perked up as I remembered that Tariq only sends me good things and that this must be the BeagleBone AI board that I put in a pitch for, for use with the LDR camera. So I will be able to progress the LDR camera image classification system, even if I cannot progress (yet) the actual camera itself. The LDRs should be here later today anyway - the 'Big River' company keeps emailing me to tell me so.


I opened up the parcel, removed the items and read the quick start notes - with a magnifying glass as the text is really, really small! See video below.



So it seems that as with all new technology, I omitted to read the small print and now I need a USB C cable and some sort of power supply to drive it. I'm not sure my wife will go with my preferred option that I will need a brand new laptop just to power this board, so I think it will have to be a USB C power plug and cable. I'll have to make the connection between my laptop and the BeagleBone AI using the WiFi link. I cannot use the Ethernet as my laptop doesn't have Ethernet - although I could plug it directly into my house router instead.


Still, problems are there to be overcome, so I expect I will overcome these.