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I will work on a virtual loop sensor.

The camera to install at junction, get live stream and I can add virtual loop sensor on the road to detect and count vehicles.

It can also detect traffic congestion level.


Vehicle detection loops, called inductive-loop traffic detectors, can detect vehicles passing or arriving at a certain point, for instance approaching a traffic light or in motorway traffic. An insulated, electrically conducting loop is installed in the pavement. [1]


Vision based loop sensor requires no pavement cut. I can add/remove/modify loop sensor whenever i need it.



I will use raspberry pi 2 and raspberry pi  camera v1.3

i will record video from traffic junction/grab it from online and process at home instead of installing raspi on the junction.

for video proof, i will make a simple vehicle count and detection with mini size vehicle (e.g. remote car) to demonstrate the project output.