This project for me has been an adventure into blind alleys and wrong turns. First I did not get my BBAI on time it arrived late as it was sent to my old address. Then we had issues of not booting as I thought it was plugged into a USB 3 connector on the back of my computer (a power brick solved this issue). Then the lowly fan would not run, I took a 5vdc 500ma wall wart down to 1.5v. (almost looks like a dead short, the reason the voltage was so low was that current was so high. remember E=ixr which meas they act as inverses. )  So I plugged the fan into my Harrison Power Supply took it to 5volts and no joy, so what the hell, I turned up the juice to about 10vdc and the fan took off. Hey, now it even works with that 500ma wall wart.   One trip to Fry's for an HDMI/DVI  then adapter,  then back today for the micro-HDMI to HDMI cable as they did not have the adapter and the HDMI to DVI adapter. Oh, let's not forget the nonsense with mounting the dam fan with 3mm  screws. I struck out at the Home Depot and Lowes, and I finally found them at ACE Hardware! (I will have to go back for longer screws so I can raise the fan off the heat sink which will decrease the back pressure on the fan, and it will flow better.

Good News Now: I got the board working to my tablet via WiFi. Its shell is almost unusable, so I decided to run it free-standing with a monitor and keyboard, then I can change the board's IP-address to sit on my network.  So tonight a 3 AM I hooked up a Viewsonic monitor via the cable and adapter. But alas the monitor was bust. Luckily I had a second monitor there as well I changed the cables and the monitor light up and said no input on VGA and when into power-saving mode. Luckily  I have HDMI to VGA cable here so that is my stunt, to put a VGA cable back on the monitor (I just took the dam thing off). The rigging will be as follows VGA cable between the Monitor and the HDMI adapter, and then the HMDM to micro HDMI to the board.

Hopefully in the morning after I get up and change the cables around again, I will have a eureka moment. LOL


UPDATE: Clem thinks there is a problem with the HDMI driver on the board, as it does not want to work with a DVI adapter. Well, that did not go well as I ended up with two male HDMI connectors and that did not work. So I hauled the board and power supplies into the bedroom where the only HDMI monitor lives. I plugged it in and now I'm looking at a desktop! Next comes the keyboard & mouse. At this time I will be able to change the board's IP-address, so it will sit on my network at put an ethernet cable to my switch. Next, I can start a shell from this desktop at and then start X with the address of .1.23 and if the gods are smiling I should have a desktop open locally.  After I do this I will update this page again.