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As I cannot think of any more excuses for not powering up the BeagleBone AI so that I can use it to run the ANN for my LDR Camera, I decided to try and get it going. I thought I had a Raspberry Pi 3 power supply that came with a Type C connector but as it turns out, I haven't. I also though I had a power module with a USB connection that was able to provide 5V at 2 amps or so. Turns out I haven't, it is 5.2V at 1.8 A and as I wasn't sure if 5.2V would be OK I decided not to use it. All that left was the USB C cable to my laptop that I had previously purchased. I'm sure I have read somewhere on Element14 that this doesn't provide enough power for the BeagleBone AI but I was out of other options so I ecided to try it anyway.


So after watching the Element14 Getting Started with BeagleBone AI I just plugged it together and waited. The video said that a message should appear indicating that Windows was installing Drive E: I had a message saying USB device not recognised, which was very disappointing. However, as I was so slow in wondering what to do and whether to unplpug it, the laptop then gave a message of Drive E: being installed and then BeagleBone drivers being installed. There were a lot of flashing LEDs on the board but after a short period of time it seemed to be up and running.


All I had to do then was to find the Start.HTM file on the BBAI and away it all went, see below. I didn't have much time available then so didn't do anything with it, but even in those few minutes the board started to heat up. I did have the small fan provided by Element14 connected which I think was running, it was so quiet I'm not entirely sure it is, but I think it is.




The video does get a little bit boring in places as not much seems to be happening and I am wondering what is happening.


What I didn't know how to do was to power down. I didn't have time to look this up as I had to go out, so I pushed the reet and power buttons on the BBAI, waited for a few moments and then unplugged it. I have since looked for the correct power down process on Element14 but so far I have not found it. Does anyone know what it is?


Still, it is up and running now so the next step is to get my ANN programme transferred to the BBAI and compiled. I think I may have to purchase a better power supply as well.