I am trying to find a connector and wires for the 3 pin TTL serial connector on the BeagleBone AI. I know that it is 1.27 mm spacing but I have not been able to locate anyone who can sell me a connector with wires and connector. I have purchased a FTDI USB to serial convertor with 0.1 inch spaced pins for Dupont connecting wires so I just need to convert from 1.27 mm to 0.1 inches (2.54 mm). I know they exist, I just cannot find any.


I can remember reading about this in a comment on one of the Blogs about the BeagleBone AI when it was first put forward for use with the Vision Thing Project14 competition and thought at the time that that would be useful. I even looked them up on Amazon, but I just cannot find the comment now and I just cannot find the right combination of words that will allow me to find it on Amazon. Anyone any ideas?