I wanted to make a terminal connection to the BeagleBone AI board I have, just to make sure I could still do things if I messed up elsewhere - which is something I have done with other boards. I am using a FTDI232 board to make the connection to the BBAI terminal connector. As I was buying one of these boards for the BBAI I decided to buy one as part of a package with an ESP32 CAM and some Dupont cables for later fun.


I was able to obtain a suitable cable (thanks shabaz ) that connects the 3 pin 1.5 mmm spacing male connector on the BBAI to the 0.1 inch spaced male connectors on the FTDI232 interface board. As an aside, it seems so useful to have a tool for crimping these connectors I may have to get one for myself. Plugging in the FTDI232 board and looking in Device Manager I identified the COM port number and used this to set up Putty to 115,200 Baud. (I've never used 115,200 Baud before so this is another first for me.)



It's been awhile since I used Putty. I set it to Serial at 115200 on COM7.



Then changed the Flowcontrol to None. Not sure if this is correct, so I will find out.



I was greatly surprised to find that this all seemed to wok well. No Flowcontrol seems to be OK. Lots of stuff appeared on Putty when I powered up the BBAI, ending with the below.



Now I will have to go and find out about logging in and passwords. Maybe a bit of gardening and  a cup of tea first though, too much excitement is bad for me..