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I wanted a machine that would turn on the torch on my phone when my finger was feeling tired. Here's the resulting "voice activated torch"


My daughter has been a youtube fan since she's been young and when she heard I was making a film offered to film it for "Megan TV" so it turned into a family project. As you might guess it took a few attempts to get it to run through to the end.


The stages of the machine are as follows:

  1. Google AIY - Voice activation
  2. Marty the Robot - Moves and flips switch
  3. Raspberry Pi Zero - Switch triggers a sweeping servo
  4. Toy train - Runs down slope and triggers microswitch
  5. Relays - Microswitch engages a two relays, one which latches and the other with starts a motor
  6. Motor with winch
  7. Lego pivot with touch pen
  8. Mobile phone with torch app



{gallery} Rube


Overview: All the parts of the machine

Google AIY and Marty the Robot

Marty and Google: Voice activated robot

Pi Zero

Switch and Pi: The Pi Zero detects the change of switch and activates the servo


Switch and servo: A change over switch from an old Lego battery box and a micro servo to push the train


Train: The runaway train went down the track...


Relays: Two relays, one to switch the motor the other the latch the relays on, "emergency off switch" in background

Lego Swivel

Touch Pen: Capacitive touch pens with grounding cable


Here it is in action on "Megan TV"