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The Main idea for the Smart Shopping bag project


My idea is to make a smart shopping bag with flexible led panel. This led panel can be sewed into fabric cloth. I will reuse my regular cloth shopping bags for the project. And I want to use the HX711 Load Cell Amplifier with the Load Cell to measure the weight being of things being put in the bag while shopping. And display the total no of items in the bag on the led panel.


Good to haves:

Another cool trick would be to display an sms from my wife on the led panel if I forgot something on the shopping list and to have a small buzzer or something as an indicator. I might put in a few other ideas if time permits.


My main components for the project


  1. Digital Load Cell Weight Sensor for 5KG which is also used as Portable Electronic Kitchen Scale
  2. HX711 Weighing Sensors


  1. PocketBeagle Board: It is small in size and will sit in the bottom of the bag. PocketBeagle is an ultra-tiny-yet-complete open-source USB-key-fob computer. Thanks to element14 for shipping it to me

  1. A re-usable cloth bag, any shopping bag should actually work.
  2. A pack of portable batteries


  1. Flexible 8x8 pixel LED panel which is sewed/pasted on the cloth bag. They also have 16*16 or 8*32 LEDs Flexible Pixel Panel for large matrix.

Current Progress:


I have not got the delivery of the Digital Load Cell Weight Sensor and HX711 Weighing Sensors currently. I already have the led panel and the beagle-bone. The LED panel has been interfaced to the beagle-bone board which was easy.






























































































































next blog 2..


Interfaced LED Panel to the beaglebone results. And fixing the LEDs panel to the shopping bag. Figure out a place to keep all the electronics safe and also make waterproof/rainproof.