(via Google)


Do not think you can push around Kansas City anymore, they now have a huge backbone! Well, one made of fibers.


Kansas City will soon have data speeds more than 100 times faster thanks to Google Fiber, as each home will receive a 1 gigabit per second connection (average national speed is 4 megabits per second). The fiber backbone is the power behind the increase data speed. It is a entirely new high speed infrastructure for the area.  They will be taking thousands of miles of cable and stretching them across Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri.


As you know, inside the cables will be many thin glass fibers, which are about the width of human hair. The cables will then be weaved into a fiber backbone. Much of the new network will be hung above ground on the same poles as the electrical lines. The estimate has Google paying out $3,000 - $8,000 per home for the broadband connection ($60mil-1.6bill overall.) However, each consumer will only pay a competitive price when the trial is over. No word on that price at the moment.


They have measured utility poles, studied maps, and surveyed neighborhoods to come up with the best engineering plan possible. If everything goes well, we will all be one Google Fiber in the coming years.