Since establishing itself as the world's premier search engine, Google has been expanding into other spheres, including video content and social media. One of the firm's most successful ventures, though, has been into the world of mobile phones, where its Android operating system has quickly become the most popular option.


And now speculation is rife that Google is busy working on digital glasses using augmented reality and its Android technology. Reports suggest that the cutting-edge glasses will feature integrated augmented reality technology into the frames, which look like something from a sci-fi movie, no doubt. Additional contextual information will overlay the screen of the glasses, if various media reports are to be believed.

The glasses are rumoured to look similar to this Oakley pair.


Google, for its part, has refused to fan the flames of speculation, however the New York Times has reported that the glasses will feature the firm's Android operating system. And despite what you may believe, the newspaper has speculated that the glasses will cost around the same as a regular smartphone, meaning they will not be beyond the reach of regular consumers.


The Times explained that the new device will boast the type of augmented reality technology that already enables consumers to add information to images that appear on the screens of other handheld devices like tablets and smartphones. There is also room for advertisers and social services that will help you to organise meet-ups with friends.


Google, of course, already has augmented reality software, Google Goggle. However, this technology differs in the respect of focusing on objects rather than individuals. The new device could be developed at Google's secret lab in Silicon Valley, where the firm is suspected of working on a number of cutting-edge technologies than could revolutionise the industry.