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Apple's third generation of the iPad (imaginatively titled "iPad") was revealed today in San Francisco featuring a remarkably sharper screen and faster processing thanks to a quad-core GPU and a dual-core processor.  A larger battery is 70 percent stronger than the iPad2 battery allowing the device to maintain the same 10 hours of use.


Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed the new display is sharper than the average high-definition television set, but the higher resolution means little for common low-resolution web images.


Cook pointed out at the outset of his presentation that the iPad in the fourth quarter outsold all PCs in the world, bolstering his claim that we now live in a post-PC world.


The new device also includes a high res camera on the back of the device, similar to - one used on the iPhone4s, and there will be separate versions for Verizon and AT&T LTE networks.


Software-wise there are several upgrades, but the popular Siri app won't be available immediately, instead Apple has included something new in the meantime: the ability to dictate and turn your voice into text. The company also said it would start letting users store movies in its iCloud remote storage service, so they can be accessed through the Internet by PCs and Apple devices. It already lets users store photos, music and documents in the service.


The new iPad will go on sale March 16 in the U.S., Canada and 10 other countries. A week later, it will go on sale in 25 more countries, making it the fastest product rollout in Apple history. 


Is the iPad 3 the end of 3G as we know it?  How will users fully leverage the capabilities of the new HD iPad without unlimited data plans or issues due to throttling?  Tell us what you think.  Leave your comments at