(via Nokia)


"It’s not technology. It’s what you do with it." -Nokia


For some people with disabilities, using a smartphone can be a hassle. Just ask Trevor Prideaux. Born without his left arm, using a phone was like performing feats of acrobatics which usually entailed trying to balance his phone on his prosthetic arm while calling or texting. He decided to get in touch with some medical technicians from Exeter Mobility Centre (makers of custom prostheses) as well as Nokia to design a new prosthetic arm that has a smartphone docking station housed in the arm itself. The technicians carefully designed a limb around Nokia’s C7, placing the phone on the inside of his arm making it much easier to use. Trevor chose the C7 because of the fact that it has both a QWERTY keyboard as well as an alphanumeric giving him a wider range of options to use. This ingenious design will definitely open up new doors of mobile device technology for people who use prosthetic limbs. (Adding extended battery packs along with the mobile devices could also remove all worry for the user. Nokia, take it further!)