During his first year at Berkeley, student Derek L. My set out to create the ultimate automated dorm room the likes of which were never before seen at the prestigious institution. Called ‘BRAD’ (Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm), the room features automated curtains, lights and a music system that can be controlled through voice activation, remote control or apps to initiate a series of ‘modes’ for all occasions. To get the room automated Derek used a series of X10 modules connected to just about everything in the room including the various lights (strobe, balck-light, CFL’s and laser-light), sound system and fog machine (yes you read that right) that can be controlled using a remote or voice recognition. Derek connected an X10 controller to his MacBook Air that allows him to automate the various systems using modded voice application software based on Apple’s Siri. A free app allows him to use an iPhone or iPad that connects to his MacBook to control the room remotely. His system is configured for several modes that include study-mode, romantic-mode and party-mode which can be initiated through a party-panic button located on his bunk for emergencies purposes. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see this room at MIT but not at Berkeley; however Derek did a fantastic job for his first year at the Californian dorm.


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