There’s good news for those of you who need to destroy your data stored on your SSD’s quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation. RunCore (manufacturer of SSD’s) has unveiled their new line of InVincible Solid State Disc drives which feature two ways to ensure data destruction.


The first capability the drives feature is ‘Intelligent’ destruction which over-writes the data and returns the drive back to its factory default setting. According to the company there is no possible way to recover the original data stored on the drive once the drive is reset. This is the rather mundane approach as the second option for data elimination is much more fun and effective (as well as costly).


The second option of data deletion the drives feature is self-destruction. Essentially the drive over-volts itself and physically damages the NAND chips inside rendering the drive useless (like a bad CPU overclocking job). To initiate both data erasure and destruction, the InVincible drives feature a two push-button system that is physically attached to the drive with the green button for erasing and a red button for meltdown.


These new drives were designed for the military, as well as other companies and institutions where sensitive data is being used or stored, and come in varying sizes and capacities that can withstand a temperature range of -45 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The company hasn’t said when the InVincible line of will be available or how much they will go for, but chances are they will cost more than current SSD’s and be available before the year is out.