Pico Technology have released a beta version of PicoScope for Apple Mac owners who want to use PicoScope oscilloscopes under OS X.


To get your copy, go to our "Labs" section: http://labs.picotech.com/#mac and download the archive provided. Once downloaded it can be expanded in Finder and moved to the desired location (usually "Application").


There is a required dependency: Mono runtime environment (Mono MRE). To get it go to http://www.go-mono.com/mono-downloads/download.html and download the latest version (3.4 onwards). It comes with its own installer to be used on your system.


We are working to get features of the PicoScope Mac version in line with the Linux version that we released earlier this year.  From there we'll bring features of both versions in line with PicoScope for Windows version - version 6.9 - we'll be doing that in the second half of 2014.

As this is a Beta release users may experience some issues with the user interface and/or device communication - please let us know if you encounter any problems so we can resolve them as they arise.  The installation procedure is at an early stage so please bear with that at this stage of the deployment.  We look forward to receiving your reports on how the software behaves, so please don't keep it for yourself, share it on the Pico forum on the Mac version board


The Beta version also provides drivers and an SDK for Mac, which have been common requests from users.  Linux examples are provided that use autotools for configuration. Mac users should use brew or macports to get those on your system. Libraries are compiled to universal format including x86_64 and i386 binaries.


The PicoScope Mac OS X version means you no longer need to boot Windows or 3rd party emulation tools to use your PicoScope on a Mac :-)

Trevor J. Smith

Business Development Manager

Pico Technology Ltd.