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6 Posts authored by: SamKavanagh

Etched in my mind

Posted by SamKavanagh Sep 12, 2012
Below are images that help capture our final run in the Team Sprint and ultimate Bronze medal. The complexity of emotions and life experiences wrapped up in that 52 plus seconds will likely never be fully detailed in words. But these photos do provide frozen moments in time to reflect upon. These images show the focus and athletic drive necessary to compete with the World’s best. The moment that life seems to pause as I fix my gaze on the timing board…the triumphant elation of one h ...

Something bigger

Posted by SamKavanagh Aug 31, 2012
With the blink of an eye the final days of prep have come to a close and race day is only hours away. All has gone according to plan thus far as training goes. I have remained healthy,the efforts have been completed and banked;now all I can do is execute my game plan as I have trained,and let the clock draw the conclusions. Since arriving here in the village everything has become a bit of blur you could say. Meals are like taking a trip around the world both by the variety of food to the sea of ...

Playing Bikes

Posted by SamKavanagh Aug 22, 2012
Playing Bikes Today is day 1 here in the UK.  Upon arrival it was a rush of activity collecting baggage,authorizing accreditations,and then off on a road trip to Newport:our home for the next week.   Last Friday was my final hard day of training state side and now it is time to put the polish on. I am excited to have these few days with just the cycling team so that we can all bond a bit before the chaos of the village hits. I am so honored to be amongst them all,and riding along sid ...
Drifting 32,000 feet up in the air is a bit of a norm for me. This time,however, my destination is anything but normal. I am about to play bikes on the biggest stage of my life. I have been boiling over with excitement for the Paralympics ever since joining my teammates in a hotel room in Carson,CA to watch the Olympic’s Opening Ceremonies. The images of athletes walking into the stadium and later competing in front of the world snapped the blurry image of just what I had accomplished with ...
Letting it all sink in:   I must admit when I was first informed I had been named to the USA Paralympic Team it was all a bit surreal. Surreal in many ways because of just how long and complex the journey to get to this point in my cycling career had become. For the better part of 6 years, my life and its corresponding daily choices have all been weighed against the potential effects such choice would have on my making the London Paralympic Team. Alas when the day came to be named, it seem ...

Realizing Dreams

Posted by SamKavanagh Jul 9, 2012
Seven years ago my leg was amputated and while I lay in a hospital bed in Bozeman ,MT a dear friend of mine planted a seed in my brain that has become one of my prime focuses ever since. I remember clearly Jim coming to my bed side, placing a photo in my hands showing a below knee amputee kitted in a USA Jersey and shorts with a medal around his neck. Soon after, that rider Ron Williams contacted me, eager to introduce me to the world of Paralympic cycling. I’m not sure if either Jim or Ro ...

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