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2 Posts authored by: bluescreen
Hi Guys.   I was watching The Conversation starring Gene Hackman a few nights ago and came across a nice exchange between two of the main characters discussing the design of (then) advanced surveillance equipment:   Bernie: That's very nice, Harry. What did you use?   Harry: A three-stage directional microphone. MOSFET amplifier of my own design.     It's always nice when a serious attempt is made by filmmakers to include accurate depictions of technology. It made me ...

All About FPGA!

Posted by bluescreen Aug 11, 2011
A special three-part series in Electronic Products take a look at the three main phases of designing FPGAs. Part 1 dives into the fundamental concepts of FPGA. Ranging from the very basic definition of integrated circuits to the special case of microcontrollers, the article provides all the basics for getting started. Part 2 hits the various types of devices that are available from the major vendors, and part 3 published later this month will discuss multiple design and verification techniques u ...

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