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  Learn More about the Raspberry Pi 2 Here ...’s Ben Heck was featured on in August both in an interview with editorial director Bryan DeLuca and a summary of Ben’s latest mod automating his house. ( Ben_Heck_transforms_his_apartment_into_a_smart_home_in_new_episode_of_element14_s_The_Ben_Heck_Show-article-news01_25_jul2011-html.aspx) In coming weeks, will provide a full description of exactly how he did it, so you can do it too. In the inte ...
According to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) battery chargers for our handheld devices and laptops are some of the biggest wasters of residential power.  Even when they aren’t charging the device, they are consuming energy like a dripping faucet.  Solar energy systems can have a dramatic affect at reducing that drain on this precious and increasingly expensive resources and a group of design and system engineers at Texas Instruments took a look at how to deal with it ...

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