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VHDL v Verilog

Posted by pjclarke Nov 7, 2011
So having explained what a FPGA is I guess the next step for anyone wanting to learn more is which language to use? Should you select a Altera or Xilinx chip? This is where you may find yourself in the middle of many arguments and views as to which is the best, and the choice is typically a personal one.   VHDL was the first to come alone in 1980 and stands for ‘VHSIC Hardware Description Language’ (VHSIC stands for Very High Speed Integrated Circuits. No wonder we just call it ...

What the FPGA is that?

Posted by pjclarke Oct 17, 2011
FPGAs or field-programmable gate array are becoming more and more popular it seems. Over the last year I have seen an increase in people asking what FPGA kit should they buy, which languages should they learn, VHDL or  Verilog? There are lots of questions and lots of answers. So to deal with that I am starting a series of blog posts here on DIT to look at how to get started with FPGAs - starting with what a FPGA really is.   I started in electronics before FPGA’s really came alo ...
I’ve  been a big fan of Microchip PICs for some time now, possible because I  use them everyday at ebmpapst. My passion for them seams to have not gone on  noticed as Microchip have supplied me we the latested Arduino clone or  look a like - The chipKIT Max 32. However Microchip have been a bit hit  or miss with development kits so I was intrigued to see how well this  would stand up to review especially as they are not developed by  themselves but by Dig ...
To  co-inside with the results of the 555 contest ( 20th April 2011 - 9pm  EST ) I have decided to release what I said I would do. That was to look  at what is better, The 555 Timer IC or a Microcontroller? If you do not  know about the contest then you should head over to the site and see  the great work that's been done and also see what prizes are up on  offer!     element14 are proud sponsors of the contest and are giving away a  full copy of the ...

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