I'm delighted that Ladyada has joined our Community, and Adafruit's wonderful Open Source Hardware products are now available from Newark element14!  The Raspberry Pi accessorries page now lists many of Adafruit's Raspberry Pi accessories.  Here is the full list of 20 Adafruit products available from Newark, and there are 19 Adafruit products available from Farnell.  (Farnell customers will have to pay delivery charge £15.95 once per order since it's direct ship from the US)


Here's some fun projects from my previous blog posts that can be built with Adafruit's products:






There's plenty more exciting examples on the Adafruit Learning System:







Finally, I've got to point out Adafruit's handy 8x8 LED matrix modules which come in GreenGreen, YellowYellow and RedRed.  Only 4 wires are needed to hook these displays up to the Pi via I2C.  Their great tutorial will have pixels dancing around in no time:



These LED matrix displays also work great with Arduino, too, and can be combined together to make awesome Halloween projects.