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Use your Raspberry Pi as an awesome media portal for listening to music, watching videos, and viewing pictures.


As an old-school XBOX modder, the first thing I wanted to do with my PI was turn it into a media portal. XBMC (Xbox Media Center) is an open source front end for Linux that used to only be available for the Xbox. These days, it is now available for PCs, Linux Distros, Boxee boxes, and most importantly Raspberry Pi.


I used a special Linux distribution built for the Raspberry Pi to build a media center, Raspmc (http://www.raspbmc.com/).


OpenElec is another option (http://wiki.openelec.tv/index.php?title=Building_and_Installing_OpenELEC_for_Raspberry_Pi) .


Setup: Flash Raspmc or OpenElec to an SD Card

Follow instructions on the respective sites to flash a version of XBMC to an SD card. I didn’t have any problems. However, I’d recommended checking searching through forums if anything comes up.  If you are having a problem, it’s possible that someone else has had the same one. Once you’ve flashed XBMC to your SD card, plug it in to the PI and power it up. You now have a Raspberry Pi Media Center.



Make sure you have a wired internet connection for the first boot. Raspmc will need it to complete the installation and download updates.


There are some great Android and iPhone apps that you can use to control Raspmc. I use the official XBMC remote App on my iPhone. I also have a retired Droid that I use as a remote also.


There are add-ons for YouTube and other video/music sources. Play around with the options to find the video add-ons you want.


Recommended components:

SD card (4GB or larger)

Micro-usb power supply

Wireless keyword with touchpad

WiFi dongle

USB card adapter

Raspberry Pi enclosure

Powered USB hub

HDMI cable

Additional storage for media (USB flash drive, external hard drive, etc…)

Ethernet cable



Product Name*DescriptionSupplier
Raspberry Pi Model BRaspberry Pi Model BRaspberry Pi model BRaspberry Pi
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Raspberry Pi Power SupplyRaspberry Pi Power Supply120-240v to 5V power supply with micro USB connectorRaspberry Pi
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Enclosure for Raspberry PiEnclosure for Raspberry PiClear Plastic enclosure for Raspberry PiMulticomp
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8GB PNY Class 10 SDHC Card8GB Class 10 high performance SD memory cardPNY
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USB 2.0 External Hard DriveUSB 2.0 self-powered external hard drive

Ethernet CableEthernet Cable9.8 ft (3m) category 5e patch cablePro Signal
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HDMI CableHDMI Cable6.5 ft (2m) male to male standard HDMI cableMolex
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Wi-PiWi-Pi802.11 b/g/n USB 2.0 Wi-Fi module for Raspberry PiElement 14
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Mini Wireless USB Keyboard and TrackpadMini Wireless USB Keyboard and TrackpadWireless Mini Keyboard with Trackpad and USB RecieverAdafruit
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USB 2.0 HubUSB 2.0 Hub7 port self powered USB 2.0 hubAdafruit
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USB Memory Card Reader56-in-1 USB 2.0 memory card reader / writerIOGear
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*Products and resources listed are listed to help members build their own Pi Projects. They are suggestions and listed for educational purposes. For substitutions of any parts, please post a question asking the original author.