We have a little terrier (I call her the domestic terrorist who is really attached to me.  I do not know that happened as Sydney is my wife's dog.  Any way it's a done deal.  Little Sydney does not like me to leave the house without her, but each time she tends to wander off.  Last week when it happened I started to go collect her and bring her home.  Whoops!  I found the hard way (ouch) that when I slip on a patch of mud and land on my head, it is just another proof that Gravity Sucks!  It is also getting pretty cold here in Redding, so Sydney has started to wear her Christmas sweater.  I had a thought, that if there was a small-ish pouch in the sweater, I could put my Pi with a GPS and loudspeaker in there.  If she starts to run away from the house the loudspeaker could start to send out recorded commands in my voice to stop and lie down, in progressively more strict terms.  Previously, Sydney does tend to respond to my voice better than my wife's (I still don't know that happened and Sydney can then be collected with less stress on the both of us.

J.R. Stoner

Redding, CA