Here is a 3D view of my SweetiePie board, which was been sent out for fab last week.

The purpose of this device is to interface my Raspberry Pi to an Atrix 4G Evo lapdock, which I acquired on Ebay for about $60.  The top surface connectors, for micro-USB and HDMI type D, are laid out to precisely fit in the Evo lapdock space intended for the smart phone.  The bottom surface connectors, for micro-USB and HDMI type A, will have very short cables connecting the SweetiePie to my Raspberry Pi.  The additional circuitry on the left is a soft-latch power switch so that the Pi can be powered responsibly from the lapdock's built-in lithium cell.  The power switch turns on with a short press of the button, but requires a full 3-second press to turn off.  This is because there is a larger time "investment" in bringing up the Raspberry Pi than shutting it down.  The entire lapdock/SweetiePie assembly will be approx 1.5 cm thick, and weigh around half a kilogram.  The Pi can then be affixed to the back of the lapdock behind the screen as an instant project development platform that I can take with me to Starbucks, or whatever.  I may give thought to fixing it up, steampunk style   The SweetiePie is 2"x1".  A beefier Raspberry Pi will also make it more comfortable to run the full gcc stack while on the go.

J.R. Stoner

Redding, CA