I am sure I am not the first to do this and I can assure you I am not a developer who could even write th code to do this. However, I am using my Pi with software written for Debain, that allows my Pi to become a repeater for my HAM radio in the DIgital world (D-STAR). The software is in two parts. First there is the gareway software, IRCDDBGATEWAY, and th second ir the repeater software, PCCONTROLLER. The  gateway software provides a path to the internet for the digital transmissions passed to it from the PCREPEATERCONTROLLER software. THe is an external device connected to the Pi, via the USB port, called a Digital Access Point ro DVAP as it is better known as. The DVAP is a 10 miliwat tranceiver that receives RF signals from a D-STAR radio. Linking the IRCDDBGATEWAY to a server on the internet, known as a Reflector. By doing this I am able to communicate with people around the world with my handheld radio.These sae software comes in different flavors that can be run on other versions of Linusx and also Windows.