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I decided to check out the recently released Minecraft: Pi Edition:

The first iteration of Minecraft: Pi Edition is now available! And it’s completely free to download. We’re adding new features in due course, but thought you guys would appreciate us getting something out to you as soon as possible.

Using the latest Raspbian "wheezy" image, the installation process was a breeze following the download instructions, and I was ready to play:


It takes a little bit to generate a new world, but once started, the gameplay is smooth:


It can also switch to full screen mode:


I have more photos in a Picasa gallery.  It's my first time playing Minecraft on any platform, so I'm still learning how to play. Here's a video of me launching the game and playing a bit:



I have a couple additional videos too. 


The really exciting part about the Pi Edition of Minecraft is that it can be controlled via different programming languages.  The download contained examples of how to use the API with Java and Python.  The blog MCPIPY (MineCraft for raspberry PI and PYthon) shows what can be done with the bundled Python scripts... plus I dig their logo:









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