All throughout March, we're celebrating the 1st birthday of the Raspberry Pi. Over the last 12 months we've seen so many amazing projects on our own community such as Chad Johnson's Qi Lime Pi (the winner of the Wireless Power Roadtest), an Xbox Media Centre and of course Ben Heck's BBC Pi computer. Other innovative uses of the Raspberry Pi such as the Pi controlled R2 unit, modified Gameboys, Supercomputers made of Lego and using the Pi to help brew beer have all kept everyone talking.


BUT... what has been THE most exciting and creative use of the Raspberry Pi, so far? Which one has caught your eye and made the most of the power of the Pi. COMMENT  below and have your say. (And remember, you must be logged in to comment.) You can also let us know your thoughts over on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.


At the end of this week we will be compiling a list of the top projects and asking you to vote for which project you think has risen above them all.