The days are getting shorter, my winter coat has made it out of the wardrobe and my wife is talking far too much about Christmas. It must mean only on thing Halloween is here. Children of all sizes will be knocking on door after door collecting more sweets than they could every eat, in an array of weird and wonderful costumes, my favourite so far has been Mrs iron man. Whether you are a follower of Halloween or not I thought I’d share some of my favourite Halloween projects using the Raspberry Pi.

[image by David Castillo Dominici]


5 – Pumpkin Pi


Last year our very own Open source hardware guru Drew Fustini created a “Pumpkin Pi” combining the GPIO and networking capabilities of the Raspberry Pi. In this video you see Drew controlling the lights and sounds housed inside a beautifully carved pumpkin from a browser on his desktop.




4 - Happy Halloween With A Raspberry Pi And Pi-Lite


This is a simple project which uses the Raspberry Pi to control a matrix of LEDs to display a picture. I really like the idea of having these bats and ghost shapes glowing in the black of night. You could even tweak the code to display like spooky eyes as the kids knock on the door. See the full project over at raspberrypi-spy.co.uk.



3 - A Halloween Sound Trigger with Raspberry Pi and Arduino


Shaun Wallace from Makezine combined a Raspberry PI with an Arduino to create a haunted house sound effects machine. All you need to replicate this project is documented in the post by Mr Wallace all you need to do is combine this project with a spooky themed door buzzer.




2 - Meadowbrook Magic Tree


For those who prefer their Halloween more magical then out right spooky, I’ve chosen the “Magic tree” by Spontaneousfantasia.com. Using a Raspberry pi they control the colour of glowing orbs depending on the time of year, while also playing animated effects e.g. colour fades and lighting flashes.



1 – Halloween Door



Last but not least we have the Halloween Effects Door created by Cabe for us here on element14. Cabe want to replicate the classic ‘thing’ breaking in for all Halloween fans. To generate the surprise factor he programmed the raspberry pi based system to cycle through different banging sequences. Couple that with the LCD screen showing all sorts of creepy videos and you have the makings of an amazing Raspberry Pi Project for Halloween.


If any of these have peaked your interest to find out what else you can do with the Raspberry Pi visit Raspberry Pi Projects.


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