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Hi Everyone,


I really wanted to do something for Halloween this year, so I got my Raspberry Pi, Pi Camera and a motion sensor and got to work.


I  created a motion activated scream, this was fairly simple to program in Python but then I wanted to make it so that I could take pictures as well. So I hooked up my Pi camera and a breadboard with a couple of buttons and a red and green LED for indicating the program was running and when it was busy.


I was really pleased with this, it was getting somewhere, I took it to my mums and she loved it so I naturally had to improve it and put it into a case.


The next step was to operate it remotely so I installed web.py which gives you a really easy way to program a web interface on your Raspberry Pis 8080 port.


I quickly put together a sound board and made the web pages pull back pictures of people who have been caught. So I went on to how to encase the project in a way it didn't arouse suspicion.


I decided to go with a power supply case from a Maplins store for 3.99, it required almost no modification except a hole for the audio port.


I have added pictures of my project below and a video demo.




The next steps for this project is powering it via a battery and adding an internal speaker.


If you have any other suggestions please feel free to leave me a comment.



I have put a video on Youtube giving a 5 minute demonstration.




Thank you.