Thanks to everyone who entered our Raspberry Pi B Plus competition last week. We asked you submit your project ideas for the B Plus and below are the element14 staff picks.


Gavin Barker

“To monitor and control the temperature and humidity using fans and lamps in my self built biltong making cabinet. (Biltong is raw beef that is spiced and cured by drying - and delicious!)”


Nick D

“Our project would automate a tropical aquarium with a feeder, ph sensor, humidity sensor, camera, with all outputs and controls accessible via webpage and GSM.”


Evan Jones

“I would use the B+ to control my model railroad utilizing JMRI software. With the expanded I/O I would also be able to control more features of my railroad directly from the B+.”


Mark Larlen

“With the new Raspberry Pi B+ I want to create a smart robot. Using the raspberry pi to process Open CV, I could make a robot with a robotic arm that could use facial tracking and recognition, along with object tracking, to complete various tasks.”


Ravi Butani

“Currently I am designing IoT based River Water Pollution Monitoring System with RasiPiB+. I will be going to interface TDS,EC and other water pollution sensors with RasiPiB+ via Long range ZigBee modules. Sensors nodes in say 1kM x 1kM area talks with RasiPiB+ via ZigBee. RasiPiB+ collects this data and sends it to Plotly via internet connection through Wifi router/ Ethernet.”


Rajiv Charan Tej Kada

“A Black Box System for Cars. The DAQ consists of following sensors: Speedometer, Break sensor, Steering sensor, Accelerator sensor, Collision sensor, Engine Temperature sensor.”


Jurgen Lasa

“We wish to create a device that can interface with a cellphone for the deaf-blind to use through Braille. It can translate voice to Braille also. Having more IO and low power will help a lot in controlling all those Braille pins and make it last long respectively.”


Steve Moody

“My sons (ages 8 and 10) and I are working on a project to create a digital sign/kiosk for their school lobby. The intent of this project is to allow the school to display current events, school calendar, and general information about the school. The additional intent is to display the Raspberry Pi to the school administration, parents and students.”


Baobao Zhang

“I hope to use the Raspberry Pi B+ to collect, analyze, and broadcast data for a weather station we are building in the fall. It will be a fun and education experience for a lot of students!”


Bert de Jong

“A friend recently gifted me an antique bakelite phone. Similar to this one: I want to turn it into a community phone, to stand by the door of our house.”


Congratulations to our winners. You will receive your Raspberry Pi B Plus shortly and we have contacted you via private message to arrange this.

Thanks to everyone who entered and if you were not lucky enough to win this time, don’t forget you can buy your own B+ herebuy your own B+ here.

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