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GameBoy Pi before and after (via Super Pi boy)


As technology continues to advance and develop the “next best thing,” there’s something about the classics that will never go out of style. John Hassl thinks so too, so he used the Raspberry Pi to bring back an old classic – the GameBoy. You’ll never have to part with Tetris again. Go on. Tell her you missed her.


Hassl missed the old gaming days and when he encountered a classic GameBoy at the thrift store, he couldn’t pass up the deal. For $5, the tinkerer got his hands on a wonderful gaming console that unfortunately no longer worked (but that only looks like a sexy challenge to a DIYer). So, he asked himself, “What can I do to give this new life?” Rasperry Pi was the answer.


Using the GameBoy casing, a $35 Raspberry Pi, LED screen and emulation software, Hassl brought his gaming console back from the dead. The handheld now runs better than every with a brighter screen and decent processing speed. The best part is that it’s programmed to play all the classic games, from Tetris to Mario. He might even wear his Grateful Dead tee while he’s playing.

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Inside the Piboy


Hassl didn’t stop there. He also gave the GameBoy a modern update by adding buttons onto the back that allows for it to play more modern games. Space Invaders and Angry Birds on one console?


I do questions one thing.. if one misses the Gameboy, why not just buy some Gameboy games? To put it into perspective, “hey, I bought a working Atari 7800. I ripped out the internals and put in a Raspberry Pi… to play Atari 7800 games.”

I will say, they Gameboy form factor does make for a cool case for all the required Pi accoutrements. Time for a Gameboy Pocket or Gameboy Advance Pi mod.


Hassl, who goes by “Microbyter,” calls his creation the “Super Mega Ultra Pi Boy 64 Thingy,” and documented the DIY project on his website. Next time you walk by a GameBoy at the thrift store, think of all the possibilities before you pass it by. You could be playing Tetris right now. Don’t worry. We’re sure your boss will understand if you let him play too. Sharing is caring.



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