I had previously shared a video which talked about a robot which included both, a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino and was used to track a green ball. The robot used computer vision algorithms available with Simulink to detect and track the green ball. I came across a similar robot created by a colleague which is controlled by an Android app!


The robot runs on a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino Mega 2560. The Arduino Mega is used to control the individual motors of the robot, whereas the Raspberry Pi is used to communicate with the Android phone over wi-fi. The robot has a 4 motors (one for each wheel) and one servo motor connected to a webcam. The servo motor can be oriented from 0 to 180 degrees. The Raspberry Pi transmits video data to the Android device, and receives control signals from the phone. These signals are then passed onto the Arduino Mega which then drives the 4 motors and the servo motor.


The algorithms to program the Raspberry Pi and Arduino Mega were developed in Simulink and then deployed onto the microcontrollers using the 'Run on Target Hardware' option in Simulink. The project requires the use of Raspberry Pi support from Simulink, and Arduino Support from Simulink



                              Simulink Blocks used for the Raspberry Pi


Check out the video to see the robot in action!



This is the third robot that I have seen that uses a combination of both Arduino, and Raspberry Pi with the earlier ones being the Rapiro and the Rasduino. Reach out if you have built a similar robot and would like to share it us!