Hi everyone!


I just want to show the project that I am working on. So lets go, I decide to make an explorer robot just for fun and also learn something in the way. As you can see the chassis is made of clear acrylic and have a nice wheels that allow the robot to move easily in an indoor environment. The robot is controlled via a web interface and you can see what the robot see, so you can control it remotely from another room or also from another place using an internet connection.


I used webiopi to create the web interface, so the controls and video stream are accessible from any web browser that supports javascript. The main functions are go forward, backward, turn left, turn right, stop and the toggle the led light that allow the use the camera in dark or low light environments.


Here are some photos of my robot:

2014-08-31 21.23.22.jpg2014-08-31 21.24.03.jpg

In this photos you can see the camera and the led light in the front. In the back are the on/off switch, a power on led (green) and the DC input for charging a 7.4v lipo battery and the battery status led (red).

2014-08-31 21.23.46.jpg2014-08-31 21.24.25.jpg

In this photos you can see the Raspberry Pi with the wifi dongle and all the connections necessary for controlling the robot. In the bottom you can see the battery, voltage regulator, H bridge and the lipo battery charger.

2014-08-31 21.24.43.jpg2014-08-31 21.25.28.jpg

Here its a short video showing how it works, as you can see the video streaming is fast enought to allow a proper control of the robot movements.



I hope you enjoy this little post showing my new robot.


Best regards,

Daniel Fernandez R.