Hello everyone, Madhu here! For today's post I thought I'll share two interesting projects from a dinner meeting at a local Makerspace (Raspberry Pi Night) in Framingham MA.


The first was an electronic door strike. The code and the idea was gifted to the Framingham Makerspace, which is not only used to regulate access to their members but also as their symbol of pride. The video below is a testament to the ease and elegance of granting access to the members. One of the makers decided to add a Raspberry pi connected to the internet to the Arduino controlled system, to serve as the master that can control addition of members from offsite locations.


The other project is the work of one of the master minds behind this Makerspace. He wanted his kids to appreciate programming and the game Mastermind that he used to enjoy as a kid. He came up with an algorithm that can guess the colors given to it as an input (Implemented using Raspberry Pi). The algorithm that compares the latest guess against the input and provides information about accuracy was an existing solution which he improved to accommodate his guessing algorithm.

These efforts reinforced my belief that collaboration/sharing of solutions is the backbone of maker movement. On that note I am going to go get started with my MATLAB version of the Mastermind guessing algorithm .