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Hi, I'm building a platform ( that lets you monitor your Raspberry Pi's vitals (through a pre-set dashboard), control its GPIOs remotely through a web browser or a mobile device, and remotely connect to your Pi with an SSH-like Remote Shell without need for VPN, static IP, port forwarding or DynDNS. The system is far from finished, but I want to see if it is something that people would find interesting and want to use. Would love to hear what you all think. Thanks! ...


Posted by pcdocms Dec 19, 2014
Home control systems have come a long way since the X10 days, but they are still hideously expensive on a per outlet basis.  Luckily, some cheap electronics from China  and a R PI can change all that.  I came across some hardware that will allow one  to control the power to five outlets in one's house, but it only includes one remote.  What I propose is connecting the remote to the PI, and the PI to the internet to control the selected outlets wirelessly and remotely. ...


Posted by pcdocms Dec 19, 2014
I am slowing moving into the 21st century   For a while, I have been trying to devise a way to automate the capture of literally hundreds of VHS tapes to a digital format, with little success. main issue is building a microcontroller that will run several robots to load and unload tapes to various VCRs for processing , sending a message when a video cap of the tape has succeeded or failed.  I think the R PI will be the answer to my prayers. I will still use PC video processing and ...
2014 Year in Review   Check out these 10 incredible Raspberry Pi B+ projects from 2014 and add them to your to do list in 2015! (This is not a ranking)   #1 Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi Model B+   #2 Trap Santa with the Raspberry Pi B+   #3 CaTS     #4 How to Startle Halloween Trick-or-Treaters with the Raspberry Pi #5 Build a Board Game with the Raspberry Pi B+   #6 Pi Passport   #7 eLDERmon #8 Dance Dance Revolution wi ...
Anuja Apte

Holiday Pi!

Posted by Anuja Apte Dec 18, 2014
Madhu here for a holiday special post!   My friends (who ended up being my guinea pigs for this post) bought me a Raspberry Pi B+ and camera board as a gift for Thanksgiving. I thought I would surprise them by monitoring my office door (using their gift) to detect faces and display on my laptop screen. I used the Computer Vision Toolbox and wrote a simple MATLAB script to achieve my goal.    %% The code that I used to perform Face Detection % Set up your Raspberry Pi hardware ...

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