There is something that I use almost intensively on the Linux environments and after testing this feature on Pi SSH connection I have decided to make this post. Frankly I am not sure if I have find nothing about the -Y feature mentioned around Element14 because it's so obvious to be silly or it is really a very few used feature. Apologise if it is the first case


This feature has been tested with raspian wheezy on all the Raspberry PI models included the first version no more available on the market


Enabling the ssh protocol for remote communication with raspi-config on the Pi this affects also the linux X-Server. As the Linux GUI is a server, as a matter of fact it has the server features we can expect. So, launching the Pi remote connection from a terminal on your main computer call the command with this option:


$>ssh -Y pi@[]


where [] is the device network IP address. That's all!

I saw in many demo and presentations the use of the VLC application to show the Pi desktop somewhere else with the board connected in headless mode (without a directly connected monitor), mostly for screen-capture purposes. You should take in account that this is a more reliable option for at least two main reasons:


  1. You will use the user interface only when it is really needed.
  2. As Pi respect a laptop or PC has less resources, you use less memory and less resources in this way because only the specific process(es) you are using are consuming memory and CPU to manage the graphic interface.


The following image shows the MPIDE and the file-open launched from the the Pi while it is connected via ssh from a Mac desktop.


Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 09.45.40.png


Another important aspect representing a great advantage respect any other method to manage the Pi GUI in this way, is that the clipboard sharing. This means that you can copy pieces of text  from the main computer and paste them to the Pi currently running application. The following image shows the sentence I have put in blue in above in this post, pasted in the leafpad Pi text-editor application. Then, the Pi applications continue working on the Pi device (storage, OS etc.). This is great when copying and pasting documents, moving images and so on.


Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.21.12.png