Hi everyone!

I just want to show the project that I am working on, so lets go. This time I made an IoT ticket printer for my business, it prints the orders that users made in my store webpage.

And the best of all is that the program is pretty simple, in any e-commerce platform when a client makes an order you receive an email. So this printer is conected via IMAP service to an email account that only receives this notification emails and when the email is received the software decodes and interprets the data in the message. Then, the ticket can be printed based in the received data.


You only need a Raspberry Pi, a thermal printer, a neopixel, wifi dongle, the power supply and a nice looking case(in my case this is the Adafruit case for the twitter printer).

2015-04-18 14.56.06.jpg2015-04-18 14.55.39.jpg

Here its a short video showing how it works: (sorry, is in spanish)


I hope you enjoy this little post.


UPDATE: you can check the building details in my Instructable


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Daniel Fernandez R.