Remote control of pumps, heaters, lights and other appliances is often a requirement in Home Automation, Building Control or Automation of Industrial Control processes. Traditional radio modules can often disappoint by having poor range or being prone to interference. FM Radio Modules when compared to much cheaper AM modules gives superior performance in both these areas. This post is about a remote module that has two independent relays for remote switching ON and OFF of appliances.



The Dual Renote Relay transmitter has a very simple control interface and just needs 5V to operate. It can be easily driven from an Arduino, Raspberry Pi or a PIC. One has to just set the state of the relays (ON or OFF) and then initiate the transmission by taking the Clock line high momentarily.



The Dual Remote Relay receiver is powered from a 5V supply. Its ready to work once its paired with the transmitter. Each of the relays can be independently controlled remotely. They are capable of driving 10 Amps but we would recommend a maximum of 5 Amps and the use of an external 5 Amp fuse. The relays can switch mains but we would recommend the usual precautions before doing so. (The use of a suitable enclosure, adequate cable clamping and advice from a competent person).


The main benefits of using these modules are the range (excess of 50 metres through 2 or 3 sets f walls) and the ease of set up and use. More information can be found here.


Typical Applications


1.  Remote switching ON and OFF of security lights


2.  Operate Door Entry relay to open door from the PC or remotely via the Internet


3.  Switch heating ON from the office or car when on the way home


4.  Scare the kids by sounding a klaxon when they are watching TV


When the Dual Remote Relay is used with the Dual Analogue Radio Tx and Rx more sophisticated Home Automation systems can be implemented.


5.  Temperature controlled Vivarium for Bearded Dragon: The Analogue Radio modules can be used to monitor temperature. If this drops too low, the heater can be switched ON using the Dual Remote Relay. The second relay can be used to control the lighting.


6.  Remote mains Switch with feedback and energy monitoring: When the Dual Remote Relay is used to switch an appliance ON, the Analogue Radio modules can be used to confirm the status of the appliance (ie ON or OFF) and report on the power consumed.




The Dual Remote Relays provide superior performance with regard to range and immunity to interference. When used with the Dual Analogue Radio Tx and Rx modules they allow the user to put together quite sophisticated Home Automation systems.