In Participation of Element 14s Awesome Global Arcade project bkutzsch and myself will team up as Team "K", AKA KillerByte.  :-)


I am in the process of getting an old school full size arcade system to be the body for this project.  I know spannerspencer specified we didn't have to work an old school cabinet in but when I came across one and then that very night read about this awesome offering by Element 14 it seems as if this is meant to be.  Right now there are two potential donors, one an old Rai Den and the other a Die Hard cabinet, I just have to see how much it will cost to get one of them.  No clue on the full functionality of either aside from knowing that the monitor is definitely blown on both.


Potential Donors for E14MAME2 of the 4 are already gone but 2 still left!


STEM has not caught on here in my part of the US and I am hoping to be able to present this project and Element 14 out to the small local Maker community and with Braedan's help bring more awareness into the Schools of the cool potential of STEM and the value of getting our youth involved early.  Showing the positive possibilities of working with STEM and Autism Spectrum Disorder students will be a major highlight for this project and will be an incredible opportunity to show the public that students with learning disabilities can succeed in the pursuit of STEM.


The current project Kit is listed as:

A Raspberry PI 3, 2 classic ball-top joysticks, 15 28mm arcade buttons, 2 Arduino Leonardos, a 19" LCD monitor, a set of 2.1 active computer speakers, and a variety of usb cables, sd card and wire kit.


I can say we are currently planning on using all of the parts of the kit and perhaps needing to order additional parts in future renditions after the base project has shown success.  Allowing for up to 4 players is an upgrade version in the plans.  After we test out how well Minecraft can be implemented of course.


If our team is selected as one of the 10, we look forward to creating and blogging about our Element 14 MAME Project and sharing the success of STEM and Element 14's generous support.