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The primary advantage of the Raspberry Pi NoIR camera is seeing in complete darkness. By using an Infrared light source - completely invisible to the human eye - images and videos can be captured with no visible illumination whatsoever.


This video was shot in complete darkness with the new NoIR V2 camera. All illumination comes from two Infrared LEDs powered from the Raspberry Pi itself. It's an example of a common use of night vision - security and surveillance.

A rather shifty looking character sneaks through the front door under the cover of darkness, but is caught on video!


These are some still photos taken under the same low light conditions, captured at the full 8 megapixel resolution the NoIR V2 offers.



The Infrared sensitive NoIR V2 camera may not seem great for general photography, but it can give strange and stunning results. Seeing beyond the spectrum of light the human eye can perceive can give images and videos an artistic, alien quality. Bright colors are shifted around with pink and purple hues taking dominance. It can seem like looking beyond the visible and almost into another world.


These pictures were captured on the NoIR V2, utilizing the full 8 megapixel resolution.



Can anyone tell me how to set the values of a GY-61 ADXL335 accelerometer using a Raspberry Pi 2B? I am using it for a surveillance project to detect an accident and I need the values to be constant when the accelerometer is not moving. Please help. It's very urgent.

April 1st seems to have its fair share of april fools but amidst all the fun I discovered microsoft has released an Insider preview that now includes a Remote Desktop Client service for the raspberry PI and on the app store is the necessary client to load onto your windows 10 desktop.


The desktop can be a Phone, Tablet or PC, it just need to be running windows 10


So I loaded it up and gave it a try... here is the result



You can see more info here Remote Display Experience - Windows IoT


You do need the Insider Subscription to try this now, or wait till it works its way into the Production copy



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