Edit: Since writing this item, Linux Kernel 4.8 has official support for the BCM2837 chip on the Raspberry Pi 3 (and now v1.2 of the Pi 2), and the Android kernel also has support for the chip, which has prompted a community build of Nougat for the Pi 3.


Edit 2: Google has now released an official version of Android for the Raspberry Pi 3.


There has been slight evidence that Google are working on an operating system for the Raspberry Pi with a git repository appearing in the Raspberry Pi 3's name, previously only Eben Upton had teased that Android 4.0 was going to be released for the Raspberry Pi, but unfortunately all we currently have are versions which are not VideoCore optimised, sadly, though RTAndroid does its best.


In the recent MadebyGoogle talk which introduced the new Pixel and Home products, they briefly mentioned the "Embedded Google Assistant SDK" which will allow for software development on platforms that can communicate with your Pixel and Home and Chromecast, and that this Google Assistant software will run on the Raspberry Pi.




Could this be related with the git repository?


More than likely.