Hello all,

I'm working with an artist to build an animated sculpture with (originally 1 but now) 16 lights driven by RPI 2b because of a king of random algorithm.

At first sight, as there was only 1 light, ans 2 input switch, I've bought a Piface Digital 2 (available) and a Piface PiRack for future HAT sensors.

But now, i need to drive 16 lights, so i said i put the Piface Digital 2 on the PiRack but this don't work because the PD2 is 40 pins and the Pirack is 26 pins.

And unfortunately the Piface Digital (1) which is 26 pins seems no longer available (but on the Piface's site, the PD2 seems to be discontinued ans the PD1 a regular product).


So my questions.

  1. How to drive 16 lights with the RPI 2b according to you (not necessary with PD2)?
  2. What about use the PD2 with a 16 lines mux-demux chip to drive the 16 lights?
  3. How to have multiples daughter board with the 40 pins slot?
  4. Is there a 40 pins Rack like the Pirack for the 26 pins slot?


Thank You in advance :-)