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A simple automated device to demonstrate the measure of volume/pressure change in lungs using compliance curve.

It is working model for teaching Dynamic Airway Compression. The concept of lung compliance is generally considered to be difficult by students and therefore, over the years, medical educators have attempted to explain it in novel ways. However, all the methods published till now pertain to “static lung compliance”. We have constructed a simple device for demonstrating “dynamic lung compliance” and generating the flow-volume loop on any screen. The device comprises a 1500 mL plastic bottle filled with water and fitted with a balloon with a long neck, an ultrasonic sensor, and a syringe for sucking water, so that it can create negative pressure inside and air through tube inflates the balloon. Ultrasonic Sensor fitted in the cap of bottle measures the water level, further volume & pressure is calculated to plot the graph. Digitized data from the pressure and volume gauges are fed to the screen, enabling students to observe and record how dynamic compliance varies with the rate of increase in pressure inside the bottle. The recorded data enabled students in understanding the mechanism and significance of dynamic airway compression that occurs in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.


I started my robotics project with its name ADDY it’s a hybrid robot, combination of autonomous and humanoid features.

ADDY is capable of doing small to complex tasks: -

•           Control ADDY using any language: C/C++, JAVA, Python.

•           Track and locate places using its camera which can be rotated 180degrees.

•           Connect to any device with internet connectivity for remote control.

•           Webserver & Website on localhost/live to control ADDY(

  1. RPi Cam Module for webcam server
  2. XRDP to remote control using Ethernet cable.
  3. Weaved to connect wireless.
  4. Omxplayer to play music.


The objective of this project is to enhance gaming experience at cheap costs and the primary focus is to develop an open source dedicated device that can sense alpha/beta brain waves possibly and further the data can be utilized to simulate windows games like racing (NFSMMW, Asphalt8), open world (GTA) etc. At, initial stage the target is to filter alpha-waves for capturing basic human body movements like left-right arm, eyes blink, head direction in real-time.

Link: EEG Game Simulator using BCI and RaspberryPi - VSL Creations

Read full paper here:



H.O.D.O.R is a Home/Office Automation project using Raspberry Pi single-board computer. The name H.O.D.O.R has been taken into consideration after us being the die hard fans of Game of Thrones. The name H.O.D.O.R is taken from that famous character of American TV series which states,"Hold the Door!".

1. Display Door Status over web-interface.
2. Turn Lights/Fans on whenever human enters in room.
3. Capture image & mail to registered email whenever someone breaks into house.
4. Trigger alarm whenever smoke/gas leak is sensed.
5. Sends signal whenever garden/plant is dry to web-interface.
6. Count number of person enter/exit in the room.


  • Relay Switch to control AC appliances using web-interface or python
  • H.O.D.O.R- Web Interface
  • security- Capture image and send mail whenever Ultrasonic Sensor is triggered
  • tempgraph- updates database using cron-job for a time-interval & index.html shows the plot
  • Displays the status of door OPEN/CLOSE
  • Finds total count whenever person cross the LASER-LDR connection
  • Returns distance in real-time
  • Detects smoke


Watch demo for working, implementation & future scope.

Stay connected for full tutorial!

H.O.D.O.R | Home/Office Automation | Raspberry Pi Project | Wireless Smartphone Control - VSL Creations


UI/Web Design:


A simple automation project with Raspberry Pi using ADXL345 accelerometer to simulate better gaming experience. Supports All Windows Games, currently functioning over Ethernet & WiFi.

Best experience with Racing games!


View on

Hardware Setup:

  • Fix ADXL345 accelerometer in the palm side of Gloves.
  • Connect all wires with Pi GPIO Pins.
  • Place all setup wherever you want.
















Electronics Setup:


  • Connect all pins of accelerometer & GPIO properly follow links for tutorial.

Software Setup:


  • How to use 3-Axis Accelerometer for Tilt Sensing
  • I used Roll & Pitch axis only for forward, backward, left, right, nitro & handbrake parameters to control the game.
  • Download all source code.
  • Start server from windows system to receive axis tilts in degrees. Run
  • Send UDP packets from Pi to server. Run
  • Enter IP of your connection not IP of Pi.
  • Open cmd & type ipconfig/all to see IP of your connection.
  • Start Pi using putty for faster connection. Tutorial
  • Create hotspot & connect both Pi & Windows system for Wireless Control.
  • Recommended use Ethernet for faster connection & Enjoy! the game without any lag.


Links: How to make Hand Gesture Game Simulator - VSL Creations 


Here is a link to the webinar - Cloud-based traffic analyzer using the Raspberry Pi and Simulink by MathWorks


This webinar will show you how Simulink was used to deploy a car counter algorithm to a Raspberry Pi. The Pi sends the traffic data to the cloud where it can be analyzed using ThingSpeak, an Internet of Things data collection platform. ThingSpeak is used to collect, analyze and act on data sent from devices such as Raspberry Pis and Arduinos.  The traffic can be analyzed on the cloud using ThingSpeak and its built-in MATLAB Analysis and MATLAB Visualizations apps or can also be analyzed offline with MATLAB.


No prior knowledge of MATLAB/Simulink is expected.

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