H.O.D.O.R is a Home/Office Automation project using Raspberry Pi single-board computer. The name H.O.D.O.R has been taken into consideration after us being the die hard fans of Game of Thrones. The name H.O.D.O.R is taken from that famous character of American TV series which states,"Hold the Door!".

1. Display Door Status over web-interface.
2. Turn Lights/Fans on whenever human enters in room.
3. Capture image & mail to registered email whenever someone breaks into house.
4. Trigger alarm whenever smoke/gas leak is sensed.
5. Sends signal whenever garden/plant is dry to web-interface.
6. Count number of person enter/exit in the room.


  • Relay Switch to control AC appliances using web-interface or python
  • H.O.D.O.R- Web Interface
  • security- Capture image and send mail whenever Ultrasonic Sensor is triggered
  • tempgraph- updatetemperature.py updates database using cron-job for a time-interval & index.html shows the plot
  • doorstatus.py- Displays the status of door OPEN/CLOSE
  • ldrcount.py- Finds total count whenever person cross the LASER-LDR connection
  • ultrasonic.py- Returns distance in real-time
  • smoke.py- Detects smoke

GitHub: https://github.com/vsl-tech/home-automation

Watch demo for working, implementation & future scope.

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UI/Web Design: https://github.com/reeversedev/H.O.D.O.R